Puzzle Impact, Strategy and Options: Which Resonate with You?

Others tell us that the hours it takes
to put a large puzzle together are purely “mindless” hours—where
you can allow your mind to rest and just enjoy ‘alone’ time while
completing the jigsaw puzzle.

And what’s your puzzle strategy?
Everyone has their own strategy for “attacking” a jigsaw puzzle…
Do you find all of the ends and edges first? Do you group the
patterned pieces together before getting started?

Did you know that puzzles promote
mental acuity? Puzzles can be especially beneficial to younger people
who are learning about categorizing colors, placing shapes, and
rationalizing pictures. At Venus Puzzle, we have just the right
puzzle for every level of puzzler:

  • 12 XXL pieces, perfect for very
    young children

  • 24 pieces, great for kids or for
    sharing promotional messages

  • 100, 300 and 500 pieces which
    takes puzzling from less challenging to more challenging

  • 1000 pieces for advanced puzzlers

  • 1300-piece panoramic puzzles which
    create incredible landscapes

  • 1500-piece square puzzles—unusual,
    fun, and funky!

  • 2000 pieces for very advanced
    puzzlers… if you haven’t done a 2000-piece puzzle, you’re
    missing out! This is a puzzle to be conquered… and the sense of
    accomplishment you’ll feel when you place that last piece is
    amazing. Trust us.

Remember, no matter what puzzle you
select, we can help you share just the right image or message with
your friends, business associates, kids, or other family members as
you print a custom puzzle! Visit
to see these photo puzzles for yourself and let’s get started!