When You Need Unusual—Think Jigsaw

Unusual presents come in unusual packages. And sometimes, the most unique packages are the ones you design yourself. For one of our most recent customers, a marketing agency, the search for something different, special… dare we say, unique… led the agency owner down many different paths. Then, the eureka moment… it was the middle of the night, about 3:15 in the morning. A Google-search on a smart phone revealed something fresh and different… something just unusual enough to come from a marketing company—where fresh ideas are required. “Yes!,” the owner told her groggy cat, “We CAN submit our own branded artwork and make a custom puzzle!” How do we know this? Because that agency owner emailed us then and there to confirm what she’d already read on our site… Yes indeed, we can make a puzzle from any picture, even a custom illustration with a message and a logo that promotes a brand!
Over the next few weeks as the agency hammered out the puzzle design, we learned more about the business—and the goal for these special jigsaws: This agency needed twenty puzzles. Thirteen of the puzzles would be given away as corporate gifts—year-end Thank Yous to favorite customers. Four puzzles would go to team members… a reward for hard work to play with among friends and family. Two puzzles would go to the mothers of the agency owner and of the graphic designer behind the jigsaw’s custom image. And the very last puzzle, freshly cut and newly shrink wrapped? Well, let’s call it a keepsake. [You never know when you’ll need a fabulous corporate gift at the drop of a hat… Or maybe it’ll just stay at the office. Or maybe the team will complete it one Friday afternoon and then frame it for the foyer (it’s a good suggestion anyway!).]
So we asked this agency, “Why did you want a puzzle so badly that you were awake in the middle of the night looking for options?” The agency’s owner told us, “I wanted to give a gift that would be fun and engaging. Not something that you look at and say, ‘That’s nice,’ and then never look at again. Jigsaw puzzles are irresistible.” We agree. At Venus Puzzle, we know there’s something magical about a jigsaw puzzle. When you pick the box up and study the box cover photo, you just can’t wait to touch the puzzle pieces. And once you’ve got the puzzle pieces in hand, you can’t help but group them by color. And then you start framing the edge and finding the corners… and you build momentum and excitement because you just have to be the one to snap that final puzzle piece perfectly into place.
Yeah, we totally understand. So we wish that agency, its customers, and its mothers much success finding just the pieces they need to turn that beautiful custom design (with its very cute logo) into jigsaw works of art. And to all of our other customers who are gifting photo puzzles to their friends, families, customers, employees, teachers, students, and more, we likewise wish you Happy Puzzle Piece Hunting and Season’s Greetings—Your friends at Venus Puzzle.